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Gangnam 88, Solaris Mont Kiara

Gangnam 88 has been open for business quite a while and today finally we give a try since we don't want to repeating dine-in the same Korean restaurants in Solaris Mont' Kiara. We noticed the restaurant sometime ago as they have a very big LED TV playing latest K-pop music video continuously which can be see from the main road.
The restaurant located at the first floor right above Coffee Bean. The interior is give us an impression that it is very young and funky restaurant which cater for k-pop fans - K-pop idols posters on the wall, CDs and merchandize items displays at window corner (not sure if it is for sale). This explained why inside the restaurant only youngsters are spotted; unlike typical Korean restaurants where usually family members are having their meals or middle age Korean ajeossi are drinking and gathering.
Husband order Jjolmyeon (RM25). Jjolmyeon is Korean noodles that have a very chewy texture - made from wheat flour and starch. It usually served cold like …

S.Wine Cafe @ B.I.G, Publika Solaris Dutamas

We chose to have dinner at to celebrate our 2-years anniversary of Marriage Registration. But actually, our actual purpose is not really for the anniversary celebration but just giving our-self an excuse to try out their BBQ pork ribs haha. 
The whole cafe is dimly lit. Each dining table has a hanging lamp light to bright-up the center of the table. Make it hard for us to capture nice photo since we mostly rely on our smart phones but not our camera. There are alot of cute piggie deco inside the restaurant (including the pink piggies far behind me). Oh, you will be welcome by a giant black piggie at the entrance. Dang! how can we forgot to snap a photo of that cute black piggie!
The sugar sticks for my cappuccino. I find the the sugar sticks with KL famous tourist spot printed on it nice so I line it up and take a photo. Beneath the sugar sticks is the restaurant menu, you may find the menu at their official website :
Husband's expression before and af…

Nemo Cafe, Plaza Mon't Kiara (Moved to 1 Mont' Kiara)

Lazy Sunday afternoon, instead of driving out to somewhere for food, we walked to Plaza Mont' Kiara and decided to try out Nemo Cafe. Every time when I pass by Nemo Cafe, this small cafe selling Fish'n'Chip always filled with customer and most of them are having Fish'n'Chip. My last yummylicious Fish n Chip which I could recall is from DOME back in Penang. Since then, I never had any Fish'n'Chip. Anyway, we end up did not try their Fish'n'Chip and go for their seafood platter and pasta instead.
Seafood Platter (RM29.90)  We changed our mind after browsing their menu. We decided to try the Seafood Platter instead. The Platter is combination of Fish, Mussels, Fresh Prawns and Calamari .. and a cup of Cappuccino for me!
Pasta Marinara (RM21.90) We also have this pasta with tomato based sauce with aromatic basil, which consists of mussels, prawn, fish and calamari in it. 
Everything is yummy! We made a right choice for our meal. Next time we will come ag…

Apgujeong | 압구정, Solaris Mont' Kiara

If you like Korean BBQ pork and you are looking for one in Solaris Mont' Kiara, I would recommend you try out Apgujeong. We have been here for BBQ pork several times and the quality of the food & service is remain great as our first visit. We don't often go for Korean BBQ when we dine out at Korean restaurant, because whenever husband have 회식 (company dinner) most of the time they will go for Korean barbecue restaurant. Today I feel like eating it, so husband suggest to celebrating our wedding anniversary here at Apgujeong.
So far we never cook the meat by our-self, most of the Korean Restaurant has waiter to cook for you. The waiter first serve us the ban-chan (side dishes), a complimentary dwenjang-jigae (Fremented soya bean paste soup with tofu) and also ingredients for the wrap (lettuce, sesame leaves, garlice slices, onion slices soak in vinegar, samjjang and sesame oil with salt). Another waiter came with the hot coals and place it into the barbecue area then laid t…

Mr.Dakgalbi, Solaris Mont' Kiara

Another new Dakgalbi shop in town. Mr Dakgalbi just open it's first outlet in Solaris Mont Kiara. We came to know that when we received the flyer from the staff while looking for what to eat in Solaris MK. We were talking about Yooganae Dakgalbi that we have in Busan 2 weeks ago so when we saw their flyer the menu is similar, without second though we walk in and try!

There are 2 floors inside the Mr.Daklgalbi restaurant. Customer can choose to dine-in at outdoor too - especially for smokers and customer who dislike the odour that will leave on body & clothes after meal. We order the Dakgalbi for 2 servings - comes with 1 serving of sticky noodle, fried rice and cheese. 
Similar to Yooganae, Mr.Dak also have this big round iron outer layer that can cover the grill-pan to prevent oil from spatter to us while cooking the Dakgalbi! However the smell of grilling won't go away after you have your meal. Still need to go home and wash from head to toe to remove the smell. 
The Da…

Busan, Haeundae, Suk-ssi won-han Daegutang (Mipo Main Branch) | 미포 속씨원한 대구탕 (미포본점)) | Cod Fish Stew

The morning before we leave Busan, we stop by Mipo, Haeundae for a hearty breakfast. This Suk-ssi won-han daegutang is a well-known Mat-jib selling Cod Fish Stew (Daegutang in Korean). It is also interviewed by those Korean famous eatery programmes before and many Korean actor and actress been here to have daegutang. Check out those Korean stars' signatures display on the wall when you visit the restaurant. 
Our hearty breakfast - Daegutang is served with rice, and side dishes such as kimchi, gim (dried seaweed laver), seasoned beans sprouts, seasoned fish cake, seasoned radish, chili peppers, cut onions, dwenjang paste and soy sauce (for seasoning the soup). 
Daegutang 대구탕 @ 10,000 won Some interesting fact about Daegutang: There are two version of Daegutang - Spicy and non-spicy. In northern region, cod fish stew is known as Maeuntang (매운탕) where the cord fish is boiled with gochugaru (korean red chili powder) and some marinate sauce, so it is spicy and the broth is red. While i…

Yangsan, Tongdosa | 통도사 (通度寺)

I am lucky to be able to visit Tongdosa in Yangsan-si, which is almost an hour or more journey from Busan to Yangsan. It rain all the way when we visited Tongdosa. So the photos taken in Tongdosa were all gloomy. 
Tongdosa is Korea's largest temple located in southern part of Chiseo-san and famous as "the temple without a Buddha" for no having outdoor statues of the Buddha. This is because the real shrines of the Buddha are preserved here - the Buddha’s presence in the temple is represented by the relics of Buddha that Master Jajang (the founder) brought back from China.  
Tongdosa is also one of the Three Jewel Temples of Korea called the Sambosachal 삼보사찰, the other two are Haeinsa in Hapcheon, Gyeongsangnam-do and Songgwangsa in Suncheon, Jeollanam-do. Founded in 646 C.E. by Jajang-yulsa, Tongdosa is not only a temple, but a museum holding 19 provincial treasures and 794 culture assets designated by South Gyeongsang Province.
Samseongbanwol  After park our vehicle, we fi…