Parasailing @ Batu Feringghi, Penang

June, 2012
Penang, Malaysia

Back to Penang for business trip, today's schedule is bring the IHEP Batch-5 Korean students to visit around Penangand Batu Feringghi is our first stop since they wanted to try para-sailing. I've tried para-sailing before few years ago, I would say it is really an unforgettable experience and one time experience is enough. Since it is their first time para-sailing, they prefer to go in pairs. I manage to captured some nice pictures for them when they ready take off, flying and landing. 

Hyun Young & Young Shin fly in pairs

After the girls done wearing the gear & life jacket, one of the beach boy is briefing them on some safety tips and rules before take-off. The girls need to pull this string gently to lowering the parachute for landing after the beach boy give them a signal on the ground.

After double confirm the girls understand the rules, they are ready to take off! The beach boy is holding the string that attached to both parachute & motor to prevent the girls rush forward while the motor boat drives off - pulling the parachute so it can rise up fully before take off. Once parachute start rising, he then ask them run towards to sea. I would say beginning is the hardest part for para-sailing as it is really not easy to 'run' on the sand!

Yeah, the girls are now up on the sky. Not too worry, if you follow the rules well,  you will no rush into the sea. You will eventually 'take-off' before you reach the sea and fly-up to the sky. We could hear them screaming at first but after that they totally enjoy it on the sky. 

After 2 big rounds - approx.5 mins later, beach boys is giving the instruction for landing and the girl start to pull the string as what they been taught earlier. Landing smoothly or not is depends on individual skill of lowering the parachute via the string and control your body balancing while you feet touch the ground. Yeah sounds not easy but not too worry you won't get injured by plug into the sand. The beach boys will be there to assist all the time.

Next, Hyo Tae & Kyung Mi fly in pairs  
Since it's gonna be the same, I won't repeat and let the pictures speak. 

Interesting isn't it. you may give a try if you visit Batu Feringghi (on your own risk). Price range is around RM70 - RM100 depending on the size of the parachute. The beach boys told us there are small & big size parachute available. Bigger size more costly but it will be more stable when flying. The students are flying in pairs so they have to go for the big size parachute. You may bargain for a better price if you have more people playing (like us).

Happy Para-sailing!

Note: The beach where we did para-sailing is located behind the Golden Sands Resorts, Batu Ferringhi. There's a public alley next to the hotel (on the left hand side) can be access to the beach directly without going thru the hotel. If you are driving, park your vehicle opposites the hotel - there's plenty of parking space at the shoplots (where KFC located at). Or you may take Rapid Bus 101 - to Batu Ferringghi and stop right in front of Golden Sands Resort.


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