Ben's General Food Store, Publika

Hubby wish to treat me a good breakkie today, so we decided to try out Ben's general food store @ B.I.G which we notice some time ago at Publika.

Just in case you would like to know what they have & what's the price!

Table setting & condiments 

 His English Breakfast Tea ~ 

 My cappuccino! 

It's Pizza with Beef, bacon, chicken sausage, baked beans, button mushrooms, semi-dried tomatoes, hash brown & eggs. It's the usual big breakfast we had but different is it has turns into pizza. 

The second pizza ~ Turkey ham, spinach, semi-dried tomatoes, truffle oil & poached eggs. I love how the spinach taste like when it mixed with poached eggs & ham in this pizza! Hubby commented their food ingredient taste very fresh.

Verdict: If you are not a big eater, 1 pizza breakfast is enough for 2 adults to share. However we were told by the waiter who attend to us that 1 breakfast pizza is for 1 serving. We then order 2 breakfast pizza and end up over-stuff our stomach.  I didn't really enjoy my cappuccino as I was too full to finish it. Overall, the pizza taste great, our bill end up pricey since we had 2 breakfast pizza!

After breakfast, we stroll around B.I.G and bought these items, haha! We plan to make our own breakfast pizza inspired by the what we had earlier. We will use tortillas as base with all topping & bake like a pizza! I will share the recipe if it turns out good!

Ben's General Food Store's Location:


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