Madam Kwan's, Suria KLCC

We decided to try the famous Nasi Lemak at Madam Kwan's for dinner after settle our phonebill issue with Maxis. We have been to KLCC many times but never try out Madam Kwan's before, until it was strongly recommended by my brother & sister in law who were here in KL last year. According to the travel guide that they obtain at the Tourism office, Madam Kwan's has the best Nasi Lemak in town awarded by the Ministry of Tourism Malaysia. As usual, Madam Kwan's restaurant always crowded but we didn't wait too long to get our food served!

Nasi lemak @ RM17.90
Madam Kwan's specialty~ Nasi Lemak. Aromatic coconut steamed rice served with chicken curry, sambal ikan bilis, dried shrimp floss, hard boiled egg, acar and fresh cucumber. 

 It's d.e.l.i.c.i.o.u.s! I love the milky curry and the finely grind dried shrimp floss!

Chicken Chop @ RM25.90
Hubby is not fancy with nasi lemak, so he go for the chicken chop (with mushroom sauce). It is a Malaysian style chicken chop! 

The chicken chop is deep fried boneless chicken coated with breadcrumbs, accompanied with vegetables and french fries, and choice of black pepper, mushroom or garlic sauce.

Deep Fried Chicken Wing
We also order extra dish ~ 5 pieces of deep fried chicken wing in house special recipe. But we end up take away the deep fried chicken wing home for supper. Our stomach were so full after finish the main course with sharing one glass of fresh honeydrew.

Madam Kwan's has few branches in KL and Klang valley. For more info, kindly visit their website:


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