Singapore 2D1N - Travel via Odyssey Bus & Sentosa Island

My cousin-in-law Ga-Yoon visit Malaysia during her university summer break. We visit Singapore for 2 days 1 night on weekday since she is attending English course and she shouldn't skip the class. 

We chose to travel via Odyssey coach where the coach company location is just walking distance from my house. But main reason I choose to travel with this coach is because of their premium service. Free Wifi on board, blanket and pillow for our comfort, meal provided and a bus attendance who will give us assistance if we need. Bus fare is at reasonable price, plus the good records of safety on the road (accident free). We have a great ride with Odyssey! 

We took the earliest ride to Singapore. After we boarded to the bus, the coach attendance introduce the driver and himself, and total journey to Singapore will takes 4.5 hours. Then he approach to every guest and ask if we need blanket and pillow. And if we want our breakfast to be serve shortly. 

We were tired and plan to sleep for a while so we ask for the breakfast to be serve later. This is the breakfast provided on board - Nasi Lemak with sambal sotong (squid) & prawns. It is delicious despite a little spicy for Ga-Yoon who never taste nasi lemak before. 

It is your responsibility to ensure your passport is still six month valid before the due date. The coach attendance hand us the disembarkation form before we reaching the Malaysia-Singapore border.

For your info, Odyssey coach is entering Singapore via Tuas Second Link (Malaysia-Singapore Second Link). 

Arrive at the Malaysia-Singapore Checkpoint - The coach drop all passengers at the entrance of the immigration office and told us to look for the bus after the we pass the immigration checkpoint. Bags & luggages are required to remove from the coach and bring it with you to the checkpoint. 

After we enter Singapore, the coach continue to drive another 20 minutes and we reach the Balestier Plaza. We choose to stay in Value Hotel in Balestier Rd which is 10 minutes walk distance from Balestier Plaza to the hotel. After we check in and putting on sunblocks, we take bus to Harbour Front / Vivo City from the bus stop in front of Value Hotel (very convenient).


Sentosa Island

From Harbour Front / Vivo City, we took monorail to Sentosa. Monorail also known as Sentosa Express and it takes just less than 5 minutes from Harbour Front to Sentosa. There are 3 stations in Sentosa which you can alight (Waterfront Station, Imbiah Station and Beach Station). We choose to alight at the last station Beach front and tour around via shuttle in the island from here. 

 Arrive Sentosa Island via Monorail, we hop down at Beach Station. 

iFLY (indoor sky diving) - something new since my last visit 4 years ago!!

Ga-Yoon paid SGD10 to turn herself into temporarily snake charmer and took a picture with it!

We then took the Siloso Beach Tram to Siloso Beach. You may also walk if you do not want to use tram. The ride is free! Click here to check out the tram / bus schedule.

 Siloso Beach ~ photo taken while the tram passing by.

 It is a short ride from Beach Station to Siloso Beach via tram.

Took a photo with the Siloso Icons!

 Ga-Yoon at Siloso Beach!

 Fort Siloso
We did not visit the inside of Fort Siloso and just take some picture outside the fort.

Ga-Yoon @ Fort Siloso

Underwater World Singapore
Underwater World Singapore is an oceanarium located on the offshore Singaporean island of Sentosa. Opened in 1991, it has more than 2,500 marine animals of 250 species from different regions of the world.  We did not visit Underwater World as we GaYoon and I both been to bigger aquarium before so we skip this.

I wonder is this the same peacock I saw 4 years ago ..? The peacock can be seen running wild in front of the underwater world entrance. 

You will be able to see the Turtles swimming at the water ponds in front of Underwater world.


Imbiah Lookout
We hop on the bus stop opposite the Siloso Beach station go to Imbiah Lookout. 

 Sentosa Nature Discovery 
Admission is free. The exploration begin with a gallery where you able to know more about Sentosa Nature (birds, insects, wildlife and plants).

After the gallery, you may walk further into the jungle via this bridge to explore and experience further about the nature and wildlife. 

Next to the Sentosa Nature Discovery, is the Buttery Park & Insect Kingdom.

The very tall Tiger sky tower can be seem from far!

Image of Singapore

Image of Singapore

Trishaw - also known as becak in Singapore (or Malaysia)

An old trucks that park in front of the image of Singapore

View beside the imagine of Singapore before we took an escalator down to the Sentosa Merlion.

Singapore city skyscraper from Sentosa.

Can you spot Ga-Yoon? ^^ We came down to this square from a long escalator (behind the trees with green colour polycarbonate roof).

There is a photo booth here where you can take photos with the colourful parrots closely inside a mini garden. The parrots will be place on your palm or shoulder and photo will be taken by the photographer. The cost of 2 pieces of 5R color printed photos & a CD is around SGD35. The cameramen also use our iPhones to take extra photo for us besides the compulsory one. 

Sentosa Merlion


We took the monorail to Waterfront Station. Waterfront station is located right in front of Resort World Sentosa. For your info the Express ticket could be use a unlimited times in Sentosa. 

Cartoon Merlion

Candy trees at candylicious!

Giant Chocolate Bar

  The M&Ms In front of Canylicious 

 Jelly Belly

Resort World Casino

Lastly, not to miss out the Universal Trademark in front of Universal Studio. 

It is not easy to take a nice photo with this. We had try several times in order to get "perfect picture". First, you need to post while wait for the spinning globe with "Universal" word came to the point where all the words are show. Second, the mist that blowing out non-stop giving an effect to it might came out too much and make me disappear in the "mist" *lol. Lastly, the crowd! Everybody wants to take photos here and you can't have the 'Universal Globe" by your own in the photos beside queueing for your turn.

But why I was able to take photo without any people behind me? it's simple, the globe is spinning 360 degree, we just go to behind the globe to take a picture while in front everyone is still queueing! lol. End of our journey in Sentosa.

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