Singapore, National Muzuem of Singapore

Our second day event were tag along Ochard Rd which including museums & gallery. We chose to visit National Museum of Singapore. 

The admission fee is S$10, we top up another S$1 to be permitted to view the special exhibitions : The Wedding Dress & Gold Rush : Treasures of Ukraine. 

The museum is launching this special exhibitions during the day we visit the museum. The wedding dress : 200 Years of Wedding Fashion from the Victoria and Albert Museum, London. There were light refreshment served outside the entrance and some interviews is going on. Since it is crowded we skip this and proceed to Gold Rush.

The GOLD were really awesome! We didn't took any pictures in the Gold Rush exhibition hall, as we thought it was prohibited. Actually it was the camera flash is prohibited. But it doesn't matter as it's good to pay attention to the exhibition. Also, the gold were exhibit in a very dark room without flash it is impossible to take good picture!

I am holding the auto-visual guide (left) and right pic is the most iconic Glass Passage - built entirely of glass, 11m from ground level and one of the world's largest outdoor self-supporting glass structures. Amazing isn't it? 

You can register with the counter if you wish to follow the museum tour, but we prefer to walk on our own with the auto-visual guide as it is more flexible & we can skip whenever we want. There are 2 main exhibit inside the museum : Singapore History Gallery & Singapore Living Galleries. Singapore History Gallery, tells the story of Singapore from its beginnings in the 14th century to the modern period; and Singapore Living Galleries, exhibits food, fashion, film and photography.  

Singapore History Gallery

The Singapore History Gallery use the story-telling approach to show you what the country went through under the Japanese occupation and history of Singapore in the past and to modern days. We snap some pictures while listening to the auto-visual guide when we tour along the 2,800sqm gallery! It tooks us around 2 hours plus to finish this entire gallery only! You may imagine it has so much to see & how interesting it is.

Singapore Living Galleries

The Fashion Gallery

Explore the shifting identities of Singapore women from the 1950s to 1970s. In this gallery, you will learn about the changing social, economic and political roles of women.

Film & Wayang

View excerpts of early iconic films, movies paraphernalia and listen to various movie theme songs. Also trace the development of Chinese opera and the emergence of home-grown films as popular entertainment in Singapore.

Photography - Framing the Family

No offence but this gallery is a bit creepy. The lighting in the gallery is very dim, I was standing at one of the corner of the gallery trying to get a best shot of all the photo frames, suddenly I had this goose bump attacked. Then I shocked to find that on one is in the gallery and I am all alone. Earlier my cousin and I, as well as a foreign couple were entering this gallery and browsing around, but everyone has left in a very short time and I wasn't aware! I can't explain the weird feeling that I had! Anyhow I rushed out after this & I only spent less than 5 mins in this gallery.




Very interesting section as it exhibit the Singapore's street food life back to 1950s to 1970s. There were sound installations at each food display - e.g.: When we stand at Laksa stall, we can hear the laksa seller voice calling with the background of the street noise. 

Museum Architectural

Our tour in Singapore Museum end with us sitting at the bench looking at the Museum Architectural. The iconic neo-classical building is also seamlessly integrated with a modernist extension of glass and metal.

Rotunda Dome 

The museum's most iconic architectural feature! The stained glass panels (3rd pic on right) on the roof of the dome were restored in mid 2005. Each panel is about nine feet long.


Glass Passage & Swinging Chandelier

Glass Passage is built entirely of glass, the self-supporting glass ceiling it allows visitors walking through the corridor a clear view of the elegant Palladian motifs and the historic Dome of the National Museum. The Swingling Chandelier caught our attention immediately when we standing at the Glass Passage. 

Extension Wing

The Extension Wing's design is modern yet it is set against the old facade of the original museum building, The Singapore History Gallery is housed in the extension wing. There are exhibitions of modern photography of Singapore. 

Gayoon took one of the photo of one of the photo of Singapore heritage building as she wanted to print this out and made it as postcard. I told Gayoon I will bring her to museum and heritage site in Penang next month if we are there. End of our visit at the museum after spending more than 3 hours here.