Penang Botanical Gardens

:: Back to Penang for business trip, brought my IHEP Batch-5 Korean students to visit around Penang ::

The students day-6 in Penang Island. Today after class, I picked them up and have lunch together at Daorae Korean BBQ Restaurant @ Tanjung Bungah, then brought them visit Penang botanical gardens. Despite the humid weather (it's 2pm when we arrived), I'm glad they enjoy the beautiful landscape and fresh air. The only complaint probably is they didn't expect they need to hike-up a little when we going round the park. lol. 

From the Main Gate, we first ride on the tram and go round in the Botanical Gardens. Tram ticket is RM2 per adult (ticket counter just few meters away the main gate guard post). The tram will go round  the park via the Lower Circular Route. 

Basically it divide into 2 circular routes where visitor can visit the park in going round, both begin at a same route until it split on a two-way junction and eventually back to same route again after a junction before back to the beginning point :-

1. Higher Circular Route :-
Begin from the main gate, head straight until the two-way junction, keep LEFT and hike-up a little on a winding road, you will pass by the hiking route via staircases to Penang Hill, waterfall and reservoir. Keep going until reach a T-junction, keep left and you will pass by Orchidarium and various gardens along the way till you reach the beginning point.

2. Lower Circular Route :-
The garden tram's route - the ground is flat and less slope compare to higher circular route. Begin from the main gate, head straight until the two-way junction, keep RIGHT and head straight all the way and you will pass by the T-junction that connected from Higher Circular Route, Orchidarium and various gardens till you back to beginning point.

↑ View along the way during the tram ride. Botanical Gardens (Taman Kebun Bunga in Malay) situated on Waterfall Road (Jalan Air Terjun), therefore also known as Waterfall Gardens because of the cascading waterfall nearby. It is a free admission public park with various gardens inside. A popular workout place among the locals (including me), also well known for it's picturesque view and landscapes. 

After the tram ride, we further walk via the Higher Circular Route for more views! There is a short up-hill part on the winding route however is not that tough as you think. It will make you breathing hard and sweat a little when you walk-up but you will find the view and landscape is rewarding! This is my most favourable landscape inside Botanical Garden. 

Tips: Go clockwise if you wish to avoid walk up-hill yet don't want to miss all the views along the Higher Circular Route. The up-hill will become down-hill which make the walking more easy. The route for both higher or lower circular is not entirely flat but you probably won't feel it much since it's going up gradually. 

Share with you another favourite spot of mine inside the botanical gardens - a hidden Lily Pond inside the lush jungle. Take the paver paths on the left or right hand side of Orchidarium (Rumah Orchid) and walk up a little and you will find this secret garden.  

Beautiful isn't it? I love to stop by here for a while to calm my mind and soul however the mosquitoes attack can be somehow disturbing.. especially when we sweat a lot due to exercise lol. Thanks to the students, I revisit this place where I came for exercise sometimes after works. These pictures will preserve my memories of Botanical Gardens forever.  

Last but not least, one of the attraction point of Botanical Garden ~ Monkeys! Though I have seen monkeys regularly in the garden, I still wary of them as they can be fierce and often showing their "ready-to-attack" face and action when pass-by. Feeding the monkeys is not allowed so beware of monkeys especially you have food on your hand, they might steal from you.

Penang Botanical Gardens
Address : Jalan Kebun Bunga, 10350 Penang
Phone : 04-226 4401
Website :
Operation hour : 5am to 8pm

How to go :
[By Bus] Take Rapid Bus No.10 to Botanical Garden