Las Vacas, Shoplex Mont' Kiara, Kuala Lumpur

:: Unforgettable birthday for husband due to our car broke down - but we still get to have nice steak for dinner nearby :: 

Sunday evening, half way drove home from Pavillion KL, our car ran thru a pothole on the road and tremble hard, the "Check Engine" sign lights on - indicated somewhere went wrong due to the impact. First time seeing the sign on and not sure what to do, I went thru the car manual and it says send to nearest service centre for checking.  Meanwhile the car is still running well and no funny sounds, we continue to drive home since our house just less than 10 minutes away. 

Count ourselves blessed, the minute we enter into our condo's multi-level carpark, the car suddenly broke down after making some loud strange sound. Thank God at least it broke down inside our condo's compound, not outside on the road. 3 of our condo security guards helped us to push our car one level down and into our parking lot since it obstruct the traffic. Contacted the 24hours road assist, an on-call technician were dispatched over to check what's the problem. 

Long story short, after some waits the technician arrived and did the checking. The engine is overheating due to radiator cap cracked. After arrange the car to be tow to nearest service centre tomorrow, 3 hours has past and it's 8pm. Tired and hungry, we just walked to a nearby restaurant for a good meal since it is husband's birthday!

Husband suggest to try Las Vacas since he like steaks. Las Vacas stand for "The Cows" or "The Beef" in spanish. It is a modern meat shop converted into restaurant with butchery inside selling meats and steaks. The original shop is in Kelana Jaya while this Mont' Kiara branch was open in 2010. You can purchase the meats home and grilled yourself, or you can dine in with the meat cut you liked by paying a cooking fee to get it cook. 

Tired from the incident earlier, I was spaced out and wasn't paying attention when husband placed the order. I recall we were attended by a staff at the counter, ask us to choose the meat cut that we want. Since we dine-in, there's a minimum weight required for the beef and we need to pay a cooking charge for each where we will get two extra sides - fresh garden salad and garlic bread serve along. Apparently there's promotion going on so the cooking fee is reduce. Can't remember the exact amount but it's more or less RM10.

We both go for Grass Fed Ribeye Medium Rare, grilled and seasoned with black pepper and salt - the only option available so we could taste the actual flavour and freshness of the quality meat. Our meat weighted approx 500gm so it's about 250gm each for two of us. I find my steak lean and a little bit dry probably because grass fed beef is leaner compare to grain fed. Can't tell that for sure since I am not good with steak. Husband has no comment so I guess he enjoy his steak. Overall, the meal is good except we feel stuffy as we are sitting at an outdoor area between a wall and the restaurant. 

My cappuccino of the day has the thickest foam so far of all the cappuccino that I ever had. haha! The total bill amount is RM117.90 including the cooking fee and drinks - a cappuccino and bottled fruit drinks for husband, as well as service charge. Price consider reasonable for a quality meat. Will try the Wagyu beef someday when we have extra budget.

Las Vacas Mont' Kiara
Address : Shop LG, New Wing @ Shoplex Mont' Kiara , 50480 Kuala Lumpur