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Pizza Brava, Desa Sri Hartamas

Love treat from hubby after we travel long hours from Penang back to KL. We drove for about 5 hours and reach KL by dinner time. Tired and hungry, on our way home, we drop by Desa Sri Hartamas for food. 
The restaurant is located next to Starbucks and Watsons. The restaurant seems like a favourite place for Japanese men dinner cum drinking after work.
The restaurant's menu written by chalk sticks on black-board hanging at the front and end of the restaurant. 
Husband gotten his third set of Ferrari Model Lego collections today, which is selling by Shell Petrol Station at RM12.90 per model. Total 6 models to be collect, currently only 3 models has been launch!

As usual, a cup of cappuccino with almond biscotti for me.

Usually husband will go for tea, very unusual today he ask for coffee. Anyway the americano is thicker than usual one we had so hubby had a hard time to drink it haha
12" Brava Pizzeria We order their Brava's specialty ~ Pizza with Tomatoes, beef pep…

Autumn in Korea : Gochang, Mt.Seonunsan & Seonunsa Temple | 고창, 선운산 & 선운사

Seonunsan | 선운산 My Omoenim (mother in law) send me pictures of beautiful autumn scenery in Korea after she went for a 3 days 2 nights trip at Seonun-san (Mt. Seonum), Gochang, Jeollabuk-do. Korean called this kind of trip as 단풍놀이 (Dan-ping nol-i) meaning viewing maple-tree / autumn foliage, enjoy the autumn's wind & breeze of the nature.
Seonunsan is a popular destination throughout all four seasons. Visitors can enjoy camellias, cherry blossoms, cool valleys, thick woods, colorful foliage, and rocky cliffs here while slowly walk up to the peak of Seonunsan. The path is gentle and one can easily walk up to the peak slowly and easy. The fall season offers a mesmerizing view of crimson leaves and the 1,500-year old Seonunsa (Temple). 
Seonunsa | 선운사 Seonunsa was built during the Baekje Dynasty (18 BC-678 AD). The temple is famous for its camellia flowers where you can find around the low hill behind the Daeungbojeon Pavilion. Every year, many tourists come to visit the temple to e…

Ben's General Food Store, Publika

Hubby wish to treat me a good breakkie today, so we decided to try out Ben's general food store @ B.I.G which we notice some time ago at Publika.

Menu Just in case you would like to know what they have & what's the price!

Table setting & condiments 
 His English Breakfast Tea ~ 

 My cappuccino! 

BIG BEN'S BREAKFAST  It's Pizza with Beef, bacon, chicken sausage, baked beans, button mushrooms, semi-dried tomatoes, hash brown & eggs. It's the usual big breakfast we had but different is it has turns into pizza. 
EGGS BENEDICT The second pizza ~ Turkey ham, spinach, semi-dried tomatoes, truffle oil & poached eggs. I love how the spinach taste like when it mixed with poached eggs & ham in this pizza! Hubby commented their food ingredient taste very fresh.

Verdict: If you are not a big eater, 1 pizza breakfast is enough for 2 adults to share. However we were told by the waiter who attend to us that 1 breakfast pizza is for 1 serving. We then order 2 breakfast…

Kimchi Jjamchi Jjigae | 참치 김치 찌개 | Kimchi Tuna Stew

Love kimchi jjigae? Then you should try kimchi tuna jjigae! This is the first Korean jjigage that I cook!  Also one of my husband's favourite Korean stew. He will eat at least 2 bowl of rice with just the jjigae because it is very savoury! 
Jjigae (pronounced chee- geh) is a Korean dish similar to a Western stew. A typical jjigae is heavily seasoned with chilli pepper and served boiling hot. A Korean meal almost always includes either a jjigae or a soup.

Chopped Kimchi - 1 cup Tuna chunk soak in oil - 1 can
Rinse rice water - 2 cups Green Onion - 1 stalk Sesame Oil - 1 tablespoon Soy Sauce - 1 teaspoon Sugar - 1 teaspoon

How to cook:

Step 1. Heat up the earth-ware and add 1 tbsp of sesame oil in it. Then add 1 cup of chopped kimchi and saute for 2-3 minutes on a normal heat.

Step 2. Saute until the chopped kimchi looks golden brown - this can make the kimchi more savory and crispy.

Step 3. Pour in the tuna chunk into the earth-ware. I prefer to use tuna chunk soak in sunf…

Hong Kong, Avenue of Stars @ Tsim Sha Tsui | 尖沙咀, 星光大道

After dinner, we are here at another must-visit place in Hong Kong ~ The Avenue of Stars which is located along the Victoria Harbor Waterfront, Tsim Sha Tsui. The Avenue of Stars modeled on the Walk of Fame at Hollywood to honours celebrities of the Hong Kong Film Industry. And the highlight of the visit will be the "A Symphony of Lights" which named the 'World's Largest Permanent Light and Sound Show' by Guinness World Records which is showing daily 8pm for a duration of 13 minutes. 
Sun has set when we arrive around 7.45pm. We walked around the promenade looking for a good spot to view the "Symphony of Lights". But 8pm has passed, no sign of the show anywhere. 
Suspension of " A Symphony of lights"  Turns out, "A Symphony of lights" is suspended for three days from October 4 till 6, to express mourning to the victims of the vessel collision incident of Lamma Island. The sad accident occurred 2 days before we flew to Macau, the sear…