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Healy Mac's Irish Bar And Restaurant, Straits Quay, Penang

I am back to Penang for 2 weeks, spend times with sis, Jack & my family, also get to meet up my gang at Straits Quay yesterday. We are celebrating TS's birthday at Healy Mac's Irish Bar and Restaurant, just like what we used to do that throughout the year, celebrating every member's birthday with good food at preferred restaurants. Many retail shops and restaurant in Straits quay are still under renovation but those already in operation is full with customers!

Healy Mac's is a bar cum restaurant. Indoor is a bit noisy and narrow for a group of 6 like us who like to chat and laugh! So we chose outdoor instead, and the view of the pier is superb!  RC & TS The only 2 males left in our gang! lol. Looks like RC is going to be the one and only male after TS go back to US.  
TS & me With TS working at US now and I moved to KL last year, we started to absent from other member's birthday gathering.

TS & CF CF is pregnant with her first child and she don't l…