Samgyeopsal (Korean Pork Belly BBQ) at Home | 집에서 삼겹살 구워먹기

Last Saturday, we held a Korean BBQ dinner at home for the first time. It was a belated house warming party. After husband moved to Shah Alam, I joined him 6 months later and we get married (we registered our marriage first), we never held any house warming so far. Since husband's boss and colleague (who are Koreans) has been asking when will we held a house warming party, he decided to do it after Chinese New Year. It is also a small farewell party for Mr Park who is returning to Korea soon, and a welcome party for Mr. Ryoo , who is Mr. Park's successor.  

In Korea, it is common that newly-wed couple held a housewarming and invite friends and family coming over after they moved into new place. Housewarming is called Jib-deu-li (집들이) in Korean and traditionally the guest will bring housewarming gift which is loads of toilet rolls and laundry detergent (which is what we received from our guests last week). 

Why toilet rolls and detergent ~ husband says, toilet rolls is round, because of the roundness it rolls out well and smooth (둥글기때문에 흐르러짐없이 일이 훌훌 잘풀릴라고) - therefore it represent the future will be smooth and thing will works well. While for detergent, it brings good fortune where fortune grow just like the bubbles form when using the detergent. Anyway there's no accurate answers for this, maybe because these are very "practical" gifts so the tradition has been passing down for long time. 

The Ingredients & Preparation:
Below are some of the basic items needed for a Korean BBQ - served 4-5 pax. 

For BBQ / Grill:
  • 1kg of Pork shoulder meat & Pork Belly (Clean the meat with salt water, rinse and dry it, then sprinkle some black pepper on top and keep in fridge for half an hour) 
  • King oyster mushrooms (thinly slice) 
  • Enoki mushrooms (removed the roots, washed & drained)
For the wraps
  • Lettuces 
  • Garlic slices 
  • Green Onion slices
  • Chili pepper (green or red)
  • Cut-kimchi 
  • Seasoned leek or green onion ( Pajeori 파절이)*
*How to make Pajeori
Thinly slice the 300gm green onion or leek, add 2 Tbsp soy sauce, 1 Tbsp brown sugar, 1 Tbsp sesame oil, 1 Tbsp Korean chili flakes (gochugaru), 1/2 Tbsp vinegar, 1 Tbsp sesame seeds & 1Tsp minced garlic, mixed well.

Dipping sauce
  • Sesame oil (serve with pinch of salt & black pepper)
  • Ssamjang 
I also prepare rice and Chinese pork stew as extra. The food seems too little for 4 gentlemen to me, but husband say it is good enough. The party ended happily & 4 gentlemen were drunk. The aftermath, I was exhausted mopping the 200sqt house floor (yes! two of us live in a big house currently) & piles of oily dishes to be wash (sweat!). The BBQ smell only went off 2 days later after I light-up some aroma candle and leave all windows open for ventilate more than 48 hours  =.=|| Seriously, no more Korean barbecue at home if it is not necessary.