Hiking @ Penang National Park - via Lighthouse Trail

Oppa's cousin is staying with us in Penang for a month during his University's summer break. His name is Seung Kwan, studied laws in Seoul University. Oppa has moved to Shah Alam in April due to his new job. So Seung Kwan will be under my care since he is staying at my place. Meanwhile, I also have 4 Korean Students (IHEP Batch 2) arrived Penang at the same time, so Seung Kwan won't be lonely as he has friends to mix around at day time when I am working. I also not alone as I have companions to keep me busy. 

Yeah, oppa and I are living apart now temporarily, till he settled down, meanwhile I will be serving a long notice to my company before I officially leave and move to Shah Alam in October. 

Seung Kwan likes hiking, just like me! After bought him to Penang Hill for a hike 2 weeks ago. This weekend I bought him to Penang National Park for a hike again. Our destination is lighthouse. After an hour plus (almost 2 hours) hike, we arrived the lighthouse! 

Ok, this is my first time went hiking with slipper! A hush puppy pink rubber slipper. lol. I bought my hiking shoe with me. But because Seung Kwan wasn't bring any sport shoes with him to Malaysia and he is going to hike with slipper, so I follow. 

Breathtaking sea view on top of the lighthouse. we are looking at the Malacca Straits (towards Indonesia directions).

Seung Kwan and his slipper. haha! A common Korean slippers (슬리퍼) which you can see anyone wearing it everywhere in Korea, i.e.: schools, office, public bath, restaurant's toilet even at home. It can be easily purchase anywhere in Korea at around 3000won at convenient store, stationary shops, markets, supermarkets, department store or daiso!

The lighthouse is white in color. I have been here more than dozens time but today I feel like missing this place so much thinking of I am leaving Penang soon. I won't be able to coming here on the weekends like what I always did with my friends. 

Seung Kwan is a shy guy. He doesn't like to take photos. lol. Still I trying to capture some photos for him in case he regrets someday and wish to recall his memory from photos.

As usual, I prefer to take boat going back to the starting point after hike to lighthouse. After 2 hours hike, you won't feel like want to go thru the same journey again back to the entrance of the park for another 2 hours.

Also, we enjoy the beautiful seaview along the coastal on the boat while heading back. 

End our day to Penang National Park with the photo of Seung Kwan enjoy his boat ride and the seaview. I will write another post of the hiking to Penang National Park with details another time for reference. Stay tune.


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