Hiking @ Penang National Park - Muka Head Lighthouse

:: Dedicate this post to Seung Kwan - Oppa's cousin who stay with us in Penang for a month - who barely take photo since he dislike being photographed :: 

Seung Kwan studied laws in Seoul University. He spent a month in Penang with us during his university summer break to learn English and travel around. Oppa has moved to Shah Alam since April due to his new job. Meanwhile I have submitted my resignation and currently serving a long notice before move to Shah Alam in October. So Seung Kwan is under my care since he is living at my place.

I'm busy with work on weekdays and I work alternate Saturdays. I also occupied with the IHEP Batch 2 Korean students who arrived Penang almost the same time as Seung Kwan too. Therefore I barely took him visit around, most of the time he tour around Penang himself.  Since Seung Kwan likes hiking, just like me! I brought him hike up to Penang Hill 2 weeks ago. The weekend before he return to Korea, we went to Penang National Park and hike up to Muka Head Lighthouse.

Breathtaking sea view on top of the lighthouse. we are looking at the Strait of Malacca (towards Indonesia directions). We took an hour plus (nearly 2 hours) without break to reach the lighthouse. This is my first time went hiking (or jungle trekking) in slippers -a hush puppy pink rubber flip-flops. lol. I had my hiking shoes with me in the car, but when I found out Seung Kwan wasn't bring sport-shoes with him, I decided to go hiking in slippers with him. I'm well-versed with the trail since I hike regularly, so I have no problem even in slippers. So is Seung Kwan who had experience in hiking in Korea. Not recommended if you are first timer. 

Seung Kwan and his slipper. haha! A common Korean slippers (슬리퍼) which you can see anyone wearing it everywhere in Korea, i.e.: schools, office, public bath, restaurant's toilet even at home. It can be easily purchase anywhere in Korea at around 3000won at convenient store, stationary shops, markets, supermarkets, department store or daiso! Wearing this slipper go hiking and jungle trekking probably it is 2 times harder compare to mine! 

The lighthouse is white in color. Although I have been here many time but today I suddenly feel like missing this place so much maybe because I am leaving Penang soon. I won't be able to hike regularly anymore during the weekends with my friends. Guess that's what I going to miss the most .. is my friends.. 

Seung Kwan really dislike being photograph. Still I insisting to capture some photos for him as I don't want him to regret someday that he didn't have any photos in Penang for memory.

As usual, I prefer to take boat back to the park entrance after the hike. Trust me, after the 2 hours+ hike, you won't feel like go thru the same journey again for another 2 hours go back to park entrance. Another reason is, I want to enjoy the beautiful sea-view along the coastal and open sea during the boat ride. I will write another post on hiking to Penang National Park via Muka Head Lighthouse Trail in details for reference next time. Stay tune.

How to go:
[By Bus] From Georgetown, take Rapid Bus no.101 to Teluk Bahang - Penang National Park is the last stop.