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Hiking @ Penang National Park - via Lighthouse Trail

Oppa's cousin is staying with us in Penang for a month during his University's summer break. His name is Seung Kwan, studied laws in Seoul University. Oppa has moved to Shah Alam in April due to his new job. So Seung Kwan will be under my care since he is staying at my place. Meanwhile, I also have 4 Korean Students (IHEP Batch 2) arrived Penang at the same time, so Seung Kwan won't be lonely as he has friends to mix around at day time when I am working. I also not alone as I have companions to keep me busy. 
Yeah, oppa and I are living apart now temporarily, till he settled down, meanwhile I will be serving a long notice to my company before I officially leave and move to Shah Alam in October. 
Seung Kwan likes hiking, just like me! After bought him to Penang Hill for a hike 2 weeks ago. This weekend I bought him to Penang National Park for a hike again. Our destination is lighthouse. After an hour plus (almost 2 hours) hike, we arrived the lighthouse! 
Ok, this is my fi…