Hiking @ Penang National Park - via Muka Head / Light House Trail

This is our trekking to Muka Head Light House at Penang National Park last year September. This time our group is smaller, just husband, Wooi and me. We arrived the park around 8.30am, bought some drinking water from the convenient store, registered our-self with the park office, we head off to lighthouse around 9am. As what I estimate, we reach USM CEMACS 30mins later, follow by another 1 hour to Monkey Beach. After we take a short break at the usual place (the Giant Rocks), we start to hike up to top of light house. 

*You may read my previous trip to Monkey beach here!

At Monkey Beach, walk towards the end of the beach you will find the starting point of the track Lighthouse next to an old house. It is a 45 minutes uphill climb from Monkey Beach to Lighthouse. It is tougher than the journey from park entrance to Monkey beach. There are 2 gazebos along the way where we can pit to catch our breath! 

After a tough 30mins climb with 2 pit stops, here we are, standing on top of the lighthouse. It's husband and wooi's first visit to lighthouse. Husband had been to national park several time but this is his first time climb up to lighthouse. 

Oh we met the lighthouse keeper who is also on his way up to lighthouse. We were impressed with his good stamina - he walk up without making any pit stop, speed is way more faster than us, and he told us he climb up and down at least twice a day on daily basis!! Truly salute to those who taking up a job as lighthouse keeper.

The only reason why I wanted to be here at Lighthouse. The lush jungle, clear blue sky and magnificent sea view! Totally worth for spending 2 hours just to reach here! Ever since my made it to the top of lighthouse for the first time, I never failed to be here after that every time we came for trekking at Penang National Park. 

Something unexpected happen that day, after we came down from lighthouse, we discover the tide is high and the pathway (near giant rocks) that connected the beach and trekking path back to USM was submerged. There is no way we could go back via trekking. This is something I never encounter before. 

Anyhow we manage to get a boat to return to National Park's entrance. It's a boat smaller than the usual one we used to ride. We pay RM50 for 3 of us since there is no one else to share. You can booked a boat to pick you up before you start trekking. Price is much cheaper and you no need to worry there is no boat. So far we never encounter no boats available. there is always boat offer to send us home, and if we could find someone else to share the boat, we pay lesser. Normally price range is between RM50 - RM80, for 8-10 persons. 

  1. Muka Head Lighthouse opening hours are from 9am - 1pm. Anyway the gate and door are remain unlocked, you can still access to lighthouse if you arrived later. 
  2. Remember to sign the guest book, remove your shoes before enter the lighthouse. 
  3. Keep the lighthouse clean, no rubbish should be left behind at the lighthouse (or the national park). Be responsible, bring the rubbish with you as you left! 


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