[CLOSED DOWN] The Sire Museum Restaurant, Lebuh King, Penang

UPDATES: The Sire Restaurant has permanently closed down, however the museum / gallery - House of Yeap Chor Ee still around. The entance is just one street away or behind the former The Sire Museum Restaurant. 

Address: No.4, Penang Street (Lebuh Penang) | Website: http://houseyce.com/visit-us/

Recommended to pay a visit if you love to find out more about the history of a young Chinese immigrants from China arrived Penang Island more than 100 years ago penniless, became one of the richest person in Penang by working as a barber before turn into a businessman and banker (founder of Ban Hin Lee Bank, which is CIMB Bank now).
We discover this museum cum restaurant with nice ambiance and great food from a friend's recommendation last year when we thinking of what to have for dinner before going for a concert at Dewan Sri Pinang. Since then, we have been here thrice. The restaurant itself is like a museum, besides modern restaurant setting, antiques furniture can be found in the heritage house too. 

Oh, forgot to mention, this is a former house and first home of Yeap Chor Ee. There is a gallery at the behind of the restaurant showcase Yeap Chor Ee's life and achievements. No photography is allowed in the gallery but you may read more about the gallery HERE.

We love to sitting beneath the open-high ceiling vertical garden at the ground floor of the restaurant. 

Fresh orchids is use to decorate the place and every tables. I wonder why I always miss out to take photo of those details that I remember. lol 

A piece of antique Chinese cabinet behind where I am sitting next to the wine chiller. I was taking time-off from work to renew my passport during lunch-time, so I was in my work uniform. We decided to lunch at The Sire since it is just 2 blocks away from the immigration office. 

I had Seafood Cabonara while he had Beef Sirloin - Medium well (No picture taken as we start enjoy the food right after his beef sirloin served. I manage to snap mine while waiting for his meal to be served.

A cup of cappuccino is a must for me nowadays. This is our last visit to The Sire in Year 2010 before we move out from Penang. All photos were taken by my old phone LG-Shine KE970 before I changed to Iphone 4.