The Ship, Batu Feringghi, Penang

Throwback one of the memories of our life in Penang: Every year birthday or anniversary, we will choose to go some fancy restaurant in town for a good dinner just like any other couples will do. This year he choose The Ship at Batu Ferringhi to celebrate my birthday. We have a great evening with delicious steak and ribs and a stroll at Batu Ferringhi night market before go home. Batu Ferringhi holds a lot of memories as we came here often to get DvDs or stuffs at the night market. 

It's our first visit to The Ship at Batu Ferringhi. Previously I have been to the branch at town, Oppa and I have lunch for once too at the branch at town. Different from other branches, The Ship at Batu Ferringhi is housed inside a giant ship!

Not just the restaurant's outlook looks like a real ship, When you enter inside, the wooden interior, settings and decor - makes you feel like you are inside an old ship! You won't regret driving up to Batu Feringghi branch for 15-20 mins just for the great ambiance!

The restaurant is packed that night. Did I mention the waitress were all dress in Sailor uniform?

We received a complimentary gift due to it's Chinese New Year season - a steak plate with sakura printed. He just recently bought me a set of 3pcs of Rosenthal porcelain dinnerware. This complimentary plate will be nicely pair with the dinnerware since the size is similar!

Back to food, we order 2 main course and it comes with complimentary soup, salad, buns and butter.

The soup of the day is creamy mushroom soup. It's English choice of cream where you can choose either chicken, tomato or mushroom.

we order another salad - Prawns Mayonnaise. Boiled shelless king prawn, with boiled egg, potato salad and an array of assorted salad served with mayonnaise and cocktail sauce. 

Charbroiled Rib Eye Steak
Both main course that we choose are from Chef's recommendation in the menu. His order is Charbroiled Rib Eye Steak. A tender and succulent steak served with prime vegetables, corn on cob, baked potato and a bowl of salad.

Charbroiled BBQ Spare Rib
While mine is Charbroiled BBQ Spare Rib. Bone-in Rib steak deliciously marinated until bone chewing good served with prime vegetables, corn on cob, baked potato and a bowl of salad

Can you spot the sliced green chili in the sauce?

You can ask for with or without chilli for the Charbroiled BBQ Spare Ribs. I choose to go with chili, and it is spicy! End up I swap my main course with him since I can't handle the spicy! lol.

You can find more details at their official website: