Gimcheon, Ulsan Restaurant (김천 울산식당) and Jikji Cultural Park (김천 직지 문화공원)

Day 6 in Korea, we went to Gimcheon for business trip. It's a day trip, we woke up early and depart to Gupo Station (Train station) to catch 8am train (KORAIL) to Gimcheon. Today's weather is colder than yesterday. Oppa said it might snow in Gimcheon. Yay! hopefully I can see snow cuz Busan barely snow and I haven't seen any so far. 

Single journey ticket from Gupo to Gimcheon cost 10,300won per pax. 2 hours 15mins journey. Oppa has check the train time last night. From arrived at the train station, bought tickets till waiting for train to arrive the timing is just nice and we didn't wait too long. 

Some picture of the view outside from train's window after departed for about 15 mins. The cold weather with the warm seats inside the train makes us feel so so sleepy. We dozed off for almost an hour after that. When we woke up again, we could see snow along the railway, rives, grounds or mountain slopes. My wish comes true and I could see snow hehe! It is very rare that Busan will snow during winter. Sometimes it snows but very little or maybe just few hours. Husband said he can't remember when is the last time Busan is snow.  

2 hours later, we arrived at Gimcheon station. It's our first time visit to Gimcheon. Gimcheon is a city located right in the middle of South Korea. 

Before we head to our next destination, we grab some breakfast at a cafeteria next one of the exit. We had udong & kimbap, simple yet delicious.

After breakfast, we took a cab to Gimcheon University, which is about 5-10 mins away from Gimcheon Station. Our purpose to Gimcheon is to visit the University and meet the person in charge from the International Education Centre. The University is located on mountain slopes, its a very beautiful university. I will blog about Gimcheon University in another post later.

Gimcheon, Ulsan Restaurant | 김천 울산식당 

After the visit, we were invited for lunch together at a Hanjeongsik restaurant - Ulsan Restaurant, located in a small town near to the famous Jikjisa-temple (직지사). The restaurant is a matjib that interviewed by a KBS famous eatery show name 6 시 내고향 before.

Hanjeongsik (한정식) means full-course Korean meal with an array of savoury side dishes. Hanjeongsik is served in the royal palaces for Kings and noble class in In Joseon Dynasty. Now we get to enjoy modern Hanjeongsik in any hanjeongsik restaurants in Korea. Types of side dishes served in the hanjeongsik is vary according to the season or region. The main dish is soy sauce bulgogi which grilled on charcoal and serve when it is hot.

The restaurant owner who grilled the delicious meat outside the restaurant. Since it was a treat, I do not know the exact price. I googled and find out for there are 3 types of Hanjeongsik menu for this restaurant, lowest is 13,000 per pax and highest is 20,000 per pax. Except for the main dish (grilled pork and beef), the vegetable side dish are refillable. If you love to eat Korean side dish just like me, Hanjeongsik restaurant will be a great place to delicious side dishes with very affordable price! 

Gimcheon, Ulsan Restaurant | 김천 울산식당
Address: 324-10 Hyangcheon-ri, Daehang-myeon, Gimcheon-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do, South Korea
Tel:+82 54-436-3193

After the meal, I went and strolling around nearby are while the gentlemen continue having a talk. Gimcheon's claim to fame is Jikjisa which located at the foot of Hwangaksan; because of that, this small town is filled with restaurants and motels to accommodate those who came to visit Jikjisa temple.  

 This stream that flows along the Hwanggang-ro (opposite the restaurant) frozen in this mid-winter.

Opposite the stream and main road, another restaurant on the slope in yellow color.

Next to it, a signboard shows that going up the slope there is a motel located at the mountain slope. I bet the motel must be very quiet and have a fantastic view especially in the winter.

The road is slippery after snow. Snow is not as white as I imagine. In fact, it is pretty dirty and shoes will get wet unless you are wearing those rubber / leather boots which is waterproof.

Beautiful Hwangaksan (황악산) that looks like a painting for me! The 1,111 meter high Hwangaksan is hike-able, the hiking trail starts from Jikjisa Temple and you need to pay entrance fee before hike More info on Jikjisa & Hwangaksan you may refer to Visitkorea Page.

Jik-ji Cultural Park (직지 문화공원)
Before we left and head back to train station, we also visited the Jik-ji Cultural Park which is just few miles away from the restaurants town. The park completed in 2004 has a natural steam running thru the park, surrounded by beautiful landscape, artificial fountain, sculptures and other facilities. Now it is covered in snow in winter so basically there is just white scenery everywhere. 

Two giant wooden craft pillars that mark the entrance of Jikji cultural park.


End our day trip in Gimcheon and head back to Busan via KTX.

How to get there
From Gimcheon Train Station, take bus No. 11 or No. 111 to Jikjisa Temple, 
Jikji Cultural Park is located few km before Jikjisa Temple.