Busan Wang Dweji Gukbap | 24시부산왕돼지국밥

We had dweji-gukbap as dinner after came back from Nampo-dong. Oppa loves dweji-gukbap 돼지국밥! Dweji means pork meat and gukbap means soup and rice. Dweji-gukbap is one of the Gyeongsang namdo (Southern province) delicacy! If you come to Busan, or any cities in Southern province, do try out this yummy delicacy. 

We went to this one of the famous restaurant chain - Busan Wang Dweji-gukbap (24시 부전 왕 돼지국밥) that operate 24 hours/day. This restaurant has many branches all over Korea and the one we dine-in is just few meters away from his house.

While waiting for gukbap ready, we enjoy a cup of free coffee. Most large-scale restaurant has coffee machine serving free-flow hot coffee. I barely pay to buy a cup coffee when I was in Busan.

These are the side dishes and condiments that served along with dweji-gukbap. Chillies and Slice Onions, Radish Kimchi (깍두기), Garlic chives (부추), Noodle(국수), Salted Fermented Shrimp (새우젓), Ssamjang (쌈장), Kimchi (김치) and a bowl of rice served in Korean steel-ware with cover.

Dweji-gukbap is served in hot stone pot. In the hot spot is the white broth and thinly sliced pork meat. We can put any condiments that we prefer to add extra flavour. Oppa taught me to eat the gukbap by putting in some salty shrimp to seasoned the broth, follow with some radish kimchi, garlic chives, and half bowl of rice, mix well with the pork soup.

Super tired face after visited so many places in a day! I have triple eyelids due to dryness from cold weather.

Delicious dweji-gukbap is ready for eat. I normally don't like very hot soup (usually will prefer it cool down a bit). But this dweji-gukbap is something we really need in order to keep us warm in this cool winter.

To make Dweji-gukbap, pork bones are boiled down three times in order to make the soup broth. That explain in the photo why there are 3 giant pots there! First time boiled water will be discard. Second batch boiled water only half of it will be retained and mixed with third time boiled water. That's where the white-coloured broth created after these process.

Finish our dinner and time to go home and rest! The next day we visited Taejeongdae (one of my favourite place in Busan). 

Busan Wang Dweji Gukbap | 24시부산왕돼지국밥
Address: 57 Gwajeong-ro, Mangmi-dong, Suyeong-gu, Busan 432-32
부산광역시 수영구 과정로 57 망미동 432-32