Busan, Jang Ga Gye Korean-Chinese Restaurant | 장가계 중화요리 | 张家界 中华料理

After came out from Jjimjilbang, we walk home on foot. It's about 20-30 minutes distance by foot. On the way, we stop by a Korean-Chinese Restaurant for lunch before heading home. The temperature is about -8 celcius and sunny. We weren't really feel cold at first but later when the strong wind hit, it feels like hundreds of needles attacked our face - our nose and ear starts to numb! Brrrr! Still, winter in Busan is much warmer than Seoul. 

After about 10 mins walk, we stop by Jang-Ga-Gye Korean Chinese Restaurant for my favourite food -> jajjangmyeon. The restaurant is located at the corner of the alley behind the main road. It is not difficult to find since the restaurant building entrance is in red with huge Chinese word "张家界".
오빠 and the chandelier on the ceiling. Waiting for food to be served. :)

Is it because of the winter or the activities at jjimjilbang? We were so hungry! In fact we both ate a bowl of rice with some side dish in the morning! I don't usually eat rice for breakfast, but Omoenim's cooking is so delicious! I am going to gain at least 2kg for sure after this trip. T.T

The restaurant is small but very cozy. Out table is next to the large stationary window, with some lovely pots and plants and warm sunlight, make me feel sleepy *yawn*

Our sumptuous lunch after Jjimjilbang! Waited for about 10 mins, our orders is served! Chinese tea is served instead of water. There is also drinking machine behind in case you want drinking water (self-service).  

Jjajangmyeon 짜장면 @ 4,000won
I go for Jjangmyeon since I wanted to know if there is a different between the Jajjangmyeon in Korea and the one selling in Malaysia :) Jajjangmyeon (짜장면) or Jajangmyeon (자장면) is a Korean Chinese noodle dish where the noodle is topped with a thick sauce made of chunjang (a salty black soybean paste), diced pork or beef or seafood and vegetables like cabbage, onions and potatoes. The word Jajang or jjajang is the name of the black soybean sauce after cook, known as 炸醬 in Chinese characters, which literally means "deep fried sauce" and ,myeon is noodle or 麵 in Chinese character. 

Gan-jjajang 간짜짱 @ 5,000won
오빠 goes for gan-jjajang (간짜짱) or ganjajangmyeon (간자장면). Gan-Jajang is another type of jajangmyeon where the noodle is served with the jajang sauce separately in different bowls. And, the black bean sauce (jajang)  is cook without the starch.

Fried Dumplings 군만두 @ 5,000won
We won't miss out having mandu (dumplings) especially when we have jajjangmyeon . Mandu (both fried or steam mandu) make a best combination when eating together with jajjangmyeon. It can be eaten by dipping into the soya sauce (with a hint of red pepper flakes and vinegar) or eat together with a bite of jajjangmyeon! 

Can't believe I manage finish all my food nowadays! That bowl of Jajjangmyeon is not small size, it's about double the size of the usual size wantan mee I ate. Don't forget the 10 pieces fried dumplings which also not small in size lol.

 The restaurant name which is printed on the disposable chopstick cover with Chinese characters (a poem) and ink drawing.

And their disposable spoon cover. These kind of disposable is commonly use in restaurants in Korea, I took the photo simply because I want to find out the meaning of the poem. After lunch, we went home to added more layer of clothes before we head to Haeundae Beach which is our next destination. 

 장가계 중화요리 | 张家界 中华料理
Address: 470-12, Yeonsan 9-dong, Yeonje-gu, Busan (470-12 부산 연제구 연산9동 470-12)
Tel: 051-759-0909