Busan, Haeundae Beach | 해운대해수욕장

After Jjimjilbang and lunch, we drop by home to wrap ourself with thicker winter jacket before took a bus to Haeundae beach. When the local Koreans talk about Busan, they will first think about Haeundae - that's how this Haeundae beach represent Busan. It was winter when we were here, so there were not many people around if compared with the peak season in summer when hundred thousands of people flocked to the beach. 

 Since there's no beach party during winter, Haeundae has turns into Seagull paradise. haha!

In case you don't know, the mountain at the East side filled with buildings and houses is Dalmaji - one of the famous attractions in Busan known as moonlight bay, great place to see cherry blossoms during spring / autumn.  

While at the west side of Haeundae beach is Dongbaekseom and Nurimaru APEC House - the place where 2005 APEC Conference was held. Dongbaekseom has a beautiful park with breathtaking scenery. Around Haeundae, accommodations from star rated hotels, motels to private guesthouses is mushrooming nowadays. 

It can be very painful when the chilly strong wind hit out face, so oppa cover himself from head to toe like an Eskimo here lol.

Take photos of our shadow at Haeundae beach. A signature photo were most of the couples would do at the beach! lol. 

Sun goes down early in winter around 5pm, and it already looks like evening although it is just 3pm when we were here! We could feel that the daytime passes very fast everyday when we were in Busan as sun rise up early and goes down early too. 

A local woman gets afraid after attracts too many seagulls while trying to feed them. haha! The building in the photo is Busan Sea-life Aquarium which we visit later and spent about 2 hours inside. I wrote it in a separate post - READ HERE later.

Seagull here is not afraid with human, however they do keep their distance with us whenever we came close. Some locals came prepared and feed the seagulls with breads or biscuits.

The sky is completely turned dark when we were ut from Busan Aquarium around 5.10pm, and this is how Haeundae looks like at night. We went home via bus and had dinner with his family later. For more info about Haeundae, please visit VisitKorea page. 

How to get here:
[Bus] From Busan Station, take bus no.1003, get off at Haeundae Beach stop. 
[Subway] Haeundae Station (Busan Subway Line 2), Exit 5 or 7 - Walk straight for about 500m.