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[CLOSED DOWN] Hong Bak Sa (Samgyetang) Korean Restaurant, Ampang | 홓박사 삼계탕

After husband done his vote for the presidential voting at the Embassy, we came here to Hong Bak Sa Samgyetang for a hearty meal as our early lunch. Hong Bak Sa Korean restaurant is specialize in Samgyetang (Korean Ginseng Chicken Soup) but also offer other Korean dishes including BBQ. 
It's yet reach 12 noon, just the two of us so far since it is still too early for lunch. We order Samgyetang for 2 pax. While waiting, we read the free copy of Local Korean newspaper which can be obtain at Korean restaurants or Korean Marts. Oh yeah, this is my first time have Samgyetang. ^^ 
The side dishes that served after we place our order. I love all the vegetables side dishes! Husband like the jeon and ask even ask for refill. 
Samgyetang (Korean Ginseng Chicken Soup) @ RM25.00 The samgyetang is bibim-hot while serve to us. The stew is yet seasoning so it is a bit blank, you may add salt according to your liking to season it. H…

Hiking @ Penang National Park - via Lighthouse Trail

Oppa's cousin is staying with us in Penang for a month during his University's summer break. His name is Seung Kwan, studied laws in Seoul University. Oppa has moved to Shah Alam in April due to his new job. So Seung Kwan will be under my care since he is staying at my place. Meanwhile, I also have 4 Korean Students (IHEP Batch 2) arrived Penang at the same time, so Seung Kwan won't be lonely as he has friends to mix around at day time when I am working. I also not alone as I have companions to keep me busy. 
Yeah, oppa and I are living apart now temporarily, till he settled down, meanwhile I will be serving a long notice to my company before I officially leave and move to Shah Alam in October. 
Seung Kwan likes hiking, just like me! After bought him to Penang Hill for a hike 2 weeks ago. This weekend I bought him to Penang National Park for a hike again. Our destination is lighthouse. After an hour plus (almost 2 hours) hike, we arrived the lighthouse! 
Ok, this is my fi…

Hiking @ Penang National Park - via Muka Head / Light House Trail

This is our trekking to Muka Head Light House at Penang National Park last year September. This time our group is smaller, just husband, Wooi and me. We arrived the park around 8.30am, bought some drinking water from the convenient store, registered our-self with the park office, we head off to lighthouse around 9am. As what I estimate, we reach USM CEMACS 30mins later, follow by another 1 hour to Monkey Beach. After we take a short break at the usual place (the Giant Rocks), we start to hike up to top of light house. 
*You may read my previous trip to Monkey beach here!
At Monkey Beach, walk towards the end of the beach you will find the starting point of the track Lighthouse next to an old house. It is a 45 minutes uphill climb from Monkey Beach to Lighthouse. It is tougher than the journey from park entrance to Monkey beach. There are 2 gazebos along the way where we can pit to catch our breath! 

After a tough 30mins climb with 2 pit stops, here we are, standing on top of the light…

[CLOSED DOWN] The Sire Museum Restaurant, Lebuh King, Penang

UPDATES:The Sire Restaurant has permanently closed down, however the museum / gallery - House of Yeap Chor Ee still around. The entance is just one street away or behind the former The Sire Museum Restaurant. 
Address: No.4, Penang Street (Lebuh Penang) | Website:
Recommended to pay a visit if you love to find out more about the history of a young Chinese immigrants from China arrived Penang Island more than 100 years ago penniless, became one of the richest person in Penang by working as a barber before turn into a businessman and banker (founder of Ban Hin Lee Bank, which is CIMB Bank now). We discover this museum cum restaurant with nice ambiance and great food from a friend's recommendation last year when we thinking of what to have for dinner before going for a concert at Dewan Sri Pinang. Since then, we have been here thrice. The restaurant itself is like a museum, besides modern restaurant setting, antiques furniture can be found in the heritage …

The Ship, Batu Feringghi, Penang

Throwback one of the memories of our life in Penang: Every year birthday or anniversary, we will choose to go some fancy restaurant in town for a good dinner just like any other couples will do. This year he choose The Ship at Batu Ferringhi to celebrate my birthday. We have a great evening with delicious steak and ribs and a stroll at Batu Ferringhi night market before go home. Batu Ferringhi holds a lot of memories as we came here often to get DvDs or stuffs at the night market. 
It's our first visit to The Ship at Batu Ferringhi. Previously I have been to the branch at town, Oppa and I have lunch for once too at the branch at town. Different from other branches, The Ship at Batu Ferringhi is housed inside a giant ship!
Not just the restaurant's outlook looks like a real ship, When you enter inside, the wooden interior, settings and decor - makes you feel like you are inside an old ship! You won't regret driving up to Batu Feringghi branch for 15-20 mins just for the gre…

Gimcheon, Ulsan Restaurant (김천 울산식당) and Jikji Cultural Park (김천 직지 문화공원)

Day 6 in Korea, we went to Gimcheon for business trip. It's a day trip, we woke up early and depart to Gupo Station (Train station) to catch 8am train (KORAIL) to Gimcheon. Today's weather is colder than yesterday. Oppa said it might snow in Gimcheon. Yay! hopefully I can see snow cuz Busan barely snow and I haven't seen any so far. 
Single journey ticket from Gupo to Gimcheon cost 10,300won per pax. 2 hours 15mins journey. Oppa has check the train time last night. From arrived at the train station, bought tickets till waiting for train to arrive the timing is just nice and we didn't wait too long. 

Some picture of the view outside from train's window after departed for about 15 mins. The cold weather with the warm seats inside the train makes us feel so so sleepy. We dozed off for almost an hour after that. When we woke up again, we could see snow along the railway, rives, grounds or mountain slopes. My wish comes true and I could see snow hehe! It is very rare tha…