Koko Rose Coffee & Cake, Sunway Nexis

I (or we) have been here frequent for lunch lately. This Korean Cafe which is selling coffee, bingsu, cakes, and Korean food is tastefully decorated, the ambiance is pretty relax and quiet as well. I often seek for quiet and not so crowded place for lunch break (if possible) as that's the only time I can temporarily rest my mind from hectic work. Besides this, the friendly Korean couple owners and their smiley staffs is another reason that draw me here too. 

Menu We normally choose their lunch set as it comes with coffee or tea,  it's value worth for me since I am a coffee lover, and their coffee is the most decent coffee I can get in Sunway Nexis so far.

(Left) Americano with milk - my choice for coffee (Right) Tea for husband who dont fancy coffee. I love their unique teapot set where the teapot in on top of the tea cup in set. 

Bulgogi (Chicken) with Rice
Korean Ramyun Husband who always loyal with one choice - Ramyun, lol. His ramyum was once added with sujebi (hand pulled do…

Tsujiri, Solaris Mont' Kiara, Kuala Lumpur

New Japanese green tea ice cream / dessert cafe in town! Decided to give a try after seeing there isn't many customer inside and most important is no need to queue! Yeah, every time there is a newly open restaurant or cafe in town, there is always queues spotted. We rather patronise them after the hit cool down.
We were full from our dinner at HongKong Banjeom, so we decided to grab their green tea soft ice cream which is consider "light-weight" dessert after meal. By the way, when we enter the cafe, at a glance, the counter's design, logo and colour kind of similar to a Japanese chain restaurant (with a frog as logo) that we dine-in very frequent in the past. lol. 
simple and clean interior design, their sofas and chairs cushions are in matcha colour. 
The atmosphere is so cozy and peaceful when there is not over-crowded. 
(Right) O-Matcha & (Left) Houjicha Soft Ice Cream @ RM8.90 each Best Green Tea soft ice cream we ever had so far! The Houjicha is another gre…

Thong Kee Cafe, Pandan Indah, Cheras | 溏记海南茶室

It's long weekend again where International Labour days falls on following Monday! My family and siblings are in town visiting us celebrating my dad's birthday together! Sis family arrived first and our first outing was drove all the way to Pandan Indah to try out this famous Hainan Kopitiam originated from Bentong, Pahang for it's signature breakfasts and coffee. It is about 20mins away from my home via Sungai Besi highway. 
Warned you first, Thong Kee is famous among the locals and "outsider" like us. Besides not so easy to find a parking nearby, finding a table is not easy as well. 
Parking - We manage to park our vehicle at a public parking lot not far away, then found out this area is using parking coupon system - which we don't have it obviously and kind of far to walk over to purchase after asked around. So, we park our vehicle without parking coupon. If you worry you might receive traffic summons because of not using parking coupon, suggest you may pa…

Malabar Palace, Hartamas Shopping Centre, Kuala Lumpur

Lunch hour again, besides the usual area - 1MK shopping centre, my neighbour aunty frequently drove us here to Hartamas Shopping Centre for food. This time we try out this Malabar Palace - a restaurant that selling Kerala Cuisine, located at the end of the ground floor, near to the entrance linked to Taylor's College. 
The restaurant has been operate since 2009. It doesn't have large seating area, but it is always pack with customer during lunch hour. We choose to sit outside - more spacious and less noisy compare to sitting inside. 
Malabar Palace's set menu with the choice of  Vegetarian or Non-vegetarian. We both go for non vegetarian. I choose to have Chicken Masala set, and auntie Jo chose Prawn Curry. 
Papadam and Chutney Papadam and Chutney are served on the house right after we place our order. Chutney is a spicy condiment made of fruits or vegetables with vinegar, spices, and sugar, originating in India. It was delicious.  
Neelagiri Kebab @ RM7.50 We saw the table n…